London Welsh Rugby Club Choir

Event Program, For 26/03/2022 - Concert for RNLI : Westerham

Event Start time: 7:00pm
Event Duration: 2
Performers meeting time: 3:45pm
Performers duration: 2.5
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:00pmPerform song03Mike JonesNational Anthem
7:03pmPerform song253Mike Jones 
7:06pmPerform song63Mike Jones 
7:09pmPerform song403Mike Jones 
7:12pmBreak0100Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
7:22pmPerform song153Mike Jones 
7:25pmPerform song283Mike Jones 
7:28pmPerform song193Mike Jones 
7:31pmBreak0100Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
7:41pmPerform song324Mike Jones 
7:45pmPerform song433Mike Jones 
7:48pmPerform song75Mike Jones 
8:23pmPerform song375Mike Jones 
8:28pmPerform song584Mike Jones 
8:32pmPerform song683Mike Jones 
8:35pmPerform song133Mike Jones 
8:38pmBreak0100Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
8:48pmPerform song33Mike Jones 
8:51pmPerform song113Mike Jones 
8:54pmPerform song213Mike Jones 
8:57pmPerform song724Mike Jones 
9:01pmPerform song85Mike JonesEncore
9:06pmPerform song03Mike JonesEternal Father Strong to Save
9:09pmPerform songMae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau3Mike Jones 
Program Duration: 132 minutes; Finish time: 9:12pm