Concert for RNLI : Westerham

7:00pm, Sat, 26 Mar 2022

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Concert
    Start time: 7:00pm
    Duration: 2
      Concert for RNLI : Westerham
  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    7:00pmPerform song 3Mike JonesNational Anthem
    7:03pmPerform songMen of Harlech (G)3Mike Jones 
    7:06pmPerform songAr Hyd Y Nos (C)3Mike Jones 
    7:09pmPerform songWe'll Keep a Welcome (F)3Mike Jones 
    7:12pmBreak 10 Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
    7:22pmPerform songCalon Lân (A♭)3Mike Jones 
    7:25pmPerform songMyfanwy (D♭)3Mike Jones 
    7:28pmPerform songGwahoddiad (A♭)3Mike Jones 
    7:31pmBreak 10 Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
    7:41pmPerform songRhythm of Life (F)4Mike Jones 
    7:45pmPerform songYellow Bird (F)3Mike Jones 
    7:48pmPerform songAn American Trilogy (C)5Mike Jones 
    7:53pmIntermission 30  
    8:23pmPerform songSpeed Your Journey (Va Pensiero) (F#)5Mike Jones 
    8:28pmPerform songOld Abram Brown4Mike Jones 
    8:32pmPerform songDrinking Song3Mike Jones 
    8:35pmPerform songComrades in Arms (B♭)3Mike Jones 
    8:38pmBreak 10 Orpheus Soloist and Sir Richard Stilgoe
    8:48pmPerform songThe Song of the Jolly Roger (B♭)3Mike Jones 
    8:51pmPerform songCalm is the Sea (D)3Mike Jones 
    8:54pmPerform songJonah (G)3Mike Jones 
    8:57pmPerform songHome From The Sea4Mike Jones 
    9:01pmPerform songAmen (This Little Light of Mine) (B♭)5Mike JonesEncore
    9:06pmPerform song 3Mike JonesEternal Father Strong to Save
    9:09pmPerform songMae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau3Mike Jones 
    Program Duration: 132 minutes; Finish time: 9:12pm